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Home of Western Outfitting and Mule Co.

Located in the heart of the Cibola National ForestMill Canyon Ranch serves as the headquarters for the most authentic outfitting business in New Mexico.

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Our Mules

At Western Outfitting, we take pride in our hand picked, well-trained mules. Our mules have packed and been ridden in remote back country throughout the state of New Mexico. They have put in hours around hounds on our guided mountain lion and bear hunts. Our mules aren't just people-mules, but they get along with hounds as well.

Seth Chase subscribes to the proven methods of his training. These outfitter mules have been over vast and rough terrain again and again. Our mules spend a lot of time around different people. We leave for bear camp in early August and do not return until late December, after completing our elk hunts. 

Our family has a large ranch near Palo Duro in West Texas. We also ranch in New Mexico, so these mules get to see a lot of ranch miles when they are not outfitting in the mountains. Mules have been a large part of the Chase family since we settled along the Palo Duro River in 1863.

Seth Chase and Western Outfitting are a licensed outfitting company in New Mexico. This means they can not only take you on the hunt of a life time, but also provide you with the mule of your dreams.


Top of the line big game hounds.

Hunting with canines can enrich the experience of pursuing game beyond merely being outside and pursuing your quarry. Working with an animal to take another can define teamwork and evolution. Our puppies are ready to be your best hunting buddy when searching for big game like bears and mountain lions.

 If you would like more information on our hound puppies, please call us at (575)-626-0885 or visit the button below. Shipping can be arranged.




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